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Triad Home Inspections – Hometek Inspection Services Claimed

Thorough. Timely. Trusted

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Hometek Inspection Services provides an array of home inspections including Buyer’s, New Construction, 11 Month Builders Warranty, 4-Point for insurance, WDO/Termite, Pre-listing/Seller’s, Home Maintenance, Loan Draw, Radon Testing, and Water Testing.  Hometek services the Triad, Triangle and Charlotte Metro areas.  Hometek is owned by Dean Young, Triad Home Inspector.

Since 1994, Dean Young has worked as the owner-operator of a successful home maintenance and remodeling business. He has seen thousands of reports from due diligence repairs for buyers and sellers, which is a time-out period to investigate properties to ensure the home is as disclosed and to prepare for closing without an obligation to purchase. This extensive experience has given Dean a solid background and foundation for entering the home inspection business.

Inspections can be booked online at their home page or at the following link:  Schedule a Home Inspection.